donderdag 11 februari 2010

Short and Sweet!


Now I'm not the type of blogger who wants to do reviews or want nail polish for free in exchange for advertisement.
The one's who do, that is fine!
To me my blog is a peaceful and tranquil place to be...

But...I have been buying nail polishes from these two ladies and I can only say: You rock girls!
And no, I did not receive anything! No money, no nail polish for free...
They don't even know I wrote this... =O
And it is not for them that I write this, but for you!
So you know this is a good place to buy nail polish.

Alice & Jo's havesentials

I Like the website, I like to purchase and I like to receive...
(Nobody like's to pay, so I left that one out...;) )

These people always come trough!
No hassle, no bull shit, they deliver!

Back to the nubbins!




Polishes: Art de Lautrec - 409
Art de Lautrec - 16B

Thanks for reading and watching!