zondag 28 februari 2010

French Teal!

Monday morning! (In about 10 hours!!! Stupid blogger! =P )
How was your weekend?
Mine was good and full of love...

Polishes: Diamond - Don't teal my heart away.
Silver glitter with teal - no brand name.

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zaterdag 27 februari 2010

Have a Great Weekend!

My Mani for this weekend:

Polishes: Art de Laurtrec - #17
Barry M - #216 silver cascade

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by once again!

vrijdag 26 februari 2010

The Up-side Down french?

You see a lot of them, I've done a couple..

But this one I made from 24 karat gold leaf and dark blue.

With flash, you can see the blue better!

Not as good as I would like it to be, but I'll get there the next time. =)

Polish: L'oreal - #700 (I guess, there is nothing there! =P )

Let Spring Begin!

For the flower people!
This is so not me, but it was fun doing it. =D

Polish: P2 - electric

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donderdag 25 februari 2010

About that funny thing...

That goes around in blogland...
You can do all sorts of things with that! =D





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Remember Nfu-Oh #49..

This is what it looks like in broad daylight:


(Don't mind the red stain, was painting with my little boy... =) )


And then I put OPI envy upon it and made that funny thing that is going around in blogland:




With flash and Ugly: Nfu-oh

Thanks for watching!

maandag 22 februari 2010

I'm OFF...

To see The Avatar! In 3D! =D

Polishes: W.I.C. By Herôme - Bangkok.
Nfu-Oh - #49

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zondag 21 februari 2010

Little bit of everything! (bling stuff!)

And a little bit different.

Polishes: Barry M - mint green
Nfu-oh - #66
Konad plate: M57

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French Olympic!

For all those people that won gold in Vancouver!

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zaterdag 20 februari 2010


I loved doing this...
When I use my hands, it's almost if there is a private party on there.. =D

Polish: Barry M - Baby Pink

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You as followers are the best! ;)

I needed to "Swoop"

But did I swoop the right way?
Let's ask the Queen of swooping!

Lacquer Laine

And I swooped a bit further...

Have a great weekend!
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vrijdag 19 februari 2010

Evil Angel written all over it!

Especially with glitters!
Strangely I had to think about Evil Angel when I put this on my nails. =D
It has got her name written all over it...
What do you think? ;)

For the first time ever, I introduce to you: My right hand!

Polishes: P2 - spacy
Silver glitter - No brand.