maandag 1 februari 2010

My Friend, her new blog name:

Hello everyone!

Just a short message, my friend Kirsten, the one with the outstanding Dutch blog and very difficult name (mindermutsig), is going DUTCH! =D

Her new name is: The Dutch Nail Blog
Both dutch as English.

Her message:
I changed my blog name from 'Een Minder Mutsig Nagelblog' to 'The Dutch Nail Blog' because that it easier to find and remember. With this chance my url changed too and this means I'm no longer showing up on your dashboard.
The new url to my blog is: The Dutch Nail Blog
Please come and visit me there and if I am on your blogroll please change the url to my site.

thanks for following me!

Kirsten (MinderMutsig)

Go check it out!
And have a nice day! =)