maandag 4 januari 2010

I got tagged...


I got tagged by my friend, Kirsten. Thanks dear!
Now I have to tell all of you 10 facts about me, I don't think I get that far, but will see... =D
Oh, FAIL! You just have to do 7!! Oh well...
But she really said ten!

1. My obsession for hands and shape of nails is much bigger than for the color we all put on them. The color makes it even more beautiful, but the basic is what counts for me! And that is why I've been a nail artist for over 20 years.

2. I recently bought my dream house and done lot of the work on it myself.
Currently building an Inglenook fireplace.
And my own nail-salon.

3. I love to cook, French, Dutch, Japanese, Mexican, Indian kitchen.

4. I love to eat! Little portions, we don't want to get overweight...

5. I was addicted to cola, my one weakness...thinking about it makes me drool. =D

6. I'm a sucker for Costume/Drama Films, especially from around 1800-1900.
My favorite is Pride & Prejudice. Still in love with mister Darcy, after all those years!

7. Fear is the usual, losing people you love...and that is part of this sometimes hard life. That is why I want to enjoy it every day!
Oh and airplanes...been to Hawaii and back, but some how my fear got the best of me, so I can't and will not go on an airplane anymore. (Rest of the family is not so pleased with me on this part... )

8. I'm crazy about music, all day and all night long!
All kinds, as long as there is music. While writing this I'm listing to Earl Klugh - Rayna. Lovely song! <3

9. There is one thing in life I really don't like...people that are negative.
Just can't stand them, you can have a bad day, but a bad life???
For punishment they should listen to "James Taylor - Secret O'life!!!!"
All day long... ;)

10. The greatest love is of course my son, first thing I think about in the morning and the last when I go to sleep. Why is he the last on the list?
Saving the best for last! <3

Made it to the ten! With a squeeze... =D

The 5 people I wanna tag are:

1. Naive Nails
2. Fashioned in Finland
3. Irides
4. essenceadicta
5. Mayra

Check those nice web-logs! And beautiful nails. <3